Global connection service

Relying on strong China unicom in Asia Pacific and global network and service advantages, China unicom international co., LTD. Is a global operator customers, business customers and mobile business users and an organic whole, global end-to-end package of integrated information service, including the global networking, Internet access, ICT, cloud computing, Internet, video conference, unified communications, content service and security service, etc., and for overseas individual customers with global voice and data services.

Global connection service

China unicom international co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China unicom international"), with its rich international sea and land cable resources and professional global communication resources integration capability,

To provide one-stop global communication and transmission solutions

, including IEPL/IPLC, financial private network, intelligent video private network, Internet access, MPLS VPN and other services.

In order to better serve the financial enterprise customers, provide quality financial private network for China unicom international global first-tier cities, connecting the global 16 major cities including Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, Zheng Zhou, dalian, your state, dongguan, lanzhou, shenzhen, Hong Kong, Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, meet the requirement of special line delay acme, for the financial industry customers create high stability, low delay special line service. In addition, in March of 2018, China unicom launched intelligent video, has now completed the domestic 9 core node, overseas to Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York, as the core node of the whole layout, with the help of China unicom global PoP connectivity and overseas partners access ability, make the video of global private network, OTT for customers with safe, reliable, intelligent, low latency of video media transmission services.

Cloud data service

Relying on China unicom global network and rich cloud access ability, the "WoYun" is the brand of China unicom international building comprehensive cloud solutions, including the industry mainstream public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions such as cloud of industry, CDN, cloudy interconnection products and customized data center, etc., meet enterprise customers rapid integration of the business needs of the deployment, provide efficient, reliable, comprehensive professional services.

In August of 2016, China unicom (Hong Kong) global center in operation, established telecommunication operators in China is by far the largest and most advanced cloud data center, has acquired Uptime Tier Ⅲ design and construction of certification, and in November 2017, won the "China construction project, is the domestic construction engineering quality highest honor award.

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