Introduce China unicom international limited

General introduction

China unicom international limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China united network communications group limited (" China unicom group "), established on May 29, 2015, formerly known as China unicom (Hong Kong) transportation limited. In August 2017, China unicom international limited merged with the former China unicom international business department to become China unicom international limited (international business department), responsible for the overall operation of China unicom group's overseas international business.

Adhering to the vision and core values of China unicom group and relying on its strong global network and service advantages, China unicom international co., ltd. is committed to becoming a "trusted international communication service expert" to provide high-quality integrated information services for global operators, commercial and enterprise customers and mobile business users.

China unicom international co., ltd. will continue to accelerate the layout and construction of overseas network coverage points and data centers, improve the global network, enrich product types, and continuously improve the service capacity to global customers. In 2017, China unicom international limited won the gold award of "best international network operator" and the silver award of "best data center" in the "Hong Kong communications association special year award", and the "outstanding cross-border information service provider" in the "huafu finance outstanding enterprise award". In 2018, China unicom international limited was awarded the Hong Kong "caring business" logo, which demonstrates the company's recognition of social responsibility and the spirit of caring society.

Overseas branch

As of the end of September 2018, China unicom international limited has 30 branches (20 subsidiaries, 10 representative offices and offices) around the world, headquartered in Hong Kong, with more than 700 overseas employees.


Hong Kong, shenzhen, Taiwan

The asia-pacific

Australia, Japan, Singapore, myanmar, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Philippines, Cambodia

The americas

Los Angeles, New York, SAN jose, Washington D.C., Sao Paulo, Brazil, fortaleza, Brazil

Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Britain, Germany, Switzerland, France, Russia, South Africa, united Arab emirates, kazakhstan, Netherlands

International network resources

China unicom has abundant resources of international land and sea cables and business access points in the world, and is committed to building "One Belt And One Road information optical channel". By the end of September 2018, China unicom had more than 8T cross-border landlines in the land direction, connecting 13 neighboring countries/regions. The international sea cable capacity exceeds 22T, covering more than 30 sea cable systems and connecting more than 50 countries and regions. China unicom continues to enhance its international business facilitation capability, with more than 110 (PoP) overseas business access points in more than 70 countries and regions.

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